No Facebook account is required to view the WPCC Facebook page.  Simply browse to

The Washington Park Camera Club Facebook page (like all it’s other social media pages) is open for everyone in the world with internet access to be able to view and learn about the club.  It provides members and interested persons the ability to see the activities that the club participates in and learn from the informative photography articles that are posted there.

To learn more about Facebook, click here:

Note:  If you would like to LIKE items (clicking on the “Like” button to indicate your approval of an posted item), post comments (voice your opinion of an item that is posted) or share information provided (using the Facebook “Share” mechanism you can share articles on your Facebook timeline) on the club’s Facebook page, you will then need to establish an account with Facebook.

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WPCC Website Redesigned / Do I need a Facebook Account to be able to view the WPCC Facebook Page?