Peer Mentor Survey

Thank you for your interest in the WPCC peer mentoring program. WPCC is dedicated to fostering the progression of photography to club members who possess varying levels of expertise and interests. To help us understand your needs and potentially match you with a WPCC club mentor, please complete the survey below.

A Special Note:

  • You should always feel free to approach any WPCC club member for feedback, advice and help.
  • The WPCC Mentors have volunteered their time and expertise to mentor fellow club members in various settings (1-to-1 or small-group) for a specific period of time.
  • Mentors will primarily be focused on capturing images and providing light post-processing advice as it relates to competition (example: cropping, lighting, color, etc.)
  • Learning specific techniques for specific post-processing applications (such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom) is generally outside the scope of this mentorship.
  • For an in-depth knowledge of each of these applications/programs, please consider online classes, YouTube or even courses at your local college.
The will help us understand what you're hoping to get out of a peer mentoring program. This will help us to level-set expectations and provide the best experience.
This will help us to gauge what learning/mentoring setting you feel works best for you.
Though not requirements, assignments and practice help reinforce what you learn.
The options above will help us understand where you see yourself and your expertise as a photographer.
This will help us understand your approach to photography and the different types cameras you use.
Regardless of the types of cameras that you use, who made the primary camera that you use? This can help with pairing mentors and mentees.
This will help us understand what, specific types of photography you're interested in.
Being prepared helps everyone to understand the common language spoken by photographers and how they relate directly to your specific make/model of camera. Even if a mentor has a camera from the same manufacturer their settings may be access from a different mechanism on their device.
Every photographer uses a different camera mode for each situation they find themselves in.
Capturing the right photo is usually about 75 - 90% of the process. However it's good to understand your desire for post processing advice as it related to inter/intra-club competitions.
Understanding your post-processing application/program will help match you with an appropriate, available mentor.
This will help match you with a mentor who may have some knowledge of this specific application in your post-processing workflow.
This will help us to understand your expertise level with the application. Keep in mind the mentor is primarliy focused on capturing images and providing light post-processing advice as it relates to competition (cropping, lighting, color, etc.) There are many classes available for learning each application/program in depth, however this is outside of the scope of the mentorship program.
This will help us understand your perspective of photography. There is no right or wrong answer.