66th Annual End of the Year Banquet

66th Annual End of the Year Banquet

Juneteenth 2021 – June 19, 2021

Event Photography


The Washington Park Camera Club (WPCC) was organized in 1955 and received it’s Charter in 1961. It is one of Chicago’s oldest and one of two predominantly African-American camera clubs in the Chicago Area Camera Clubs Association (CACCA). The club is also a member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA).

WPCC provides a forum where those who are interested in photography can meet, learn and explore different aspects of the art and increase their knowledge of this fascinating science.

Throughout the club year, WPCC offers critiques, workshops, and competitions, field trips and events with guest photographers and lecturers on various subjects relating to the art.

The club enters it’s work in monthly and annual CACCA international competitions and art fairs and has been recognized as an organization with a sense of pride and satisfaction.

Charter Members

April 4, 1961
Joseph Collymore
I.L. Simmons
Harry Mac Donald
James Avery
Henry A. Martin
Augustus J. Kinslow
Robert F. Dowdell
Thomas Bills


Fried Chicken
Pan Seared Salmon
Stir Fry Vegetables
Mixed Greens Salad
Whipped Sweet Potatoes
Rolls & Butter

Rum Cake


Master of Ceremony
Preston Moore

Roslyn J. Armour

Special Acknowledgement – Families
Vanessa Alsup
Paul Carson
Les Howard

Flo Lott


Roslyn J. Armour & Preston Moore

Special Presentation
Fred Lott
Jerlyn Maloy

Presentation of the 2021 – Person of the Year
Preston Moore

Installation of New WPCC Officers Ceremony

Closing Remarks
Roslyn J. Armour & Vanessa Thomas

Duane Savage


President – Roslyn J. Armour
Vice President – Preston Moore
Treasurer – Vanessa Thomas
Secretary – Bonnie DuBose

Banquet Committee

Chairs – Linda Hondras & Jerlyn Maloy
Members – Fred Lott, Preston Moore & Sheila Nicholes

Special Thank You to Diane Halle for opening up her home to the Washington Park Camera Club.

Persons of the Year Awardees

Lawrence Flemings 1970
Willie F. Griffin 1971
Billy McClain 1972
Fred Lott 1974
I.L Simmons 1975
Charles Me Daniels 1976
William Johnson 1977
Henry A. Martin 1978
AI bertha Abernathy 1979
Thomas Bills 1979
Daniel Davenport 1980
Artie Harris, Percy Johnson 1981
Lamont Baker 1982
Edna Paige 1983
Doris Davis 1984
Tom Brown 1985
Art Smith 1986
Kathleen Sims 2004
Ken Mitchell 2005
Paul Carson 2007
Bill Hammen 2008
Carl Sims 2009
Emma Grant 2010
Jerlyn Maloy 2011
Duane Savage 2012
Vanessa Thomas, Philip Thomas 2013
Michael Schwartz 2014
Les Howard 2015
Roslyn Armour, Sheila Nicholes 2016
Linda Hondras, Rosetta Porter 2017
Diane Halle, Johnny Evelyn 2018
Leonard Johnson 2019