Providing the content that's right for the members of the Washington Park Camera Club is one of the top-most priorities it could offer.  Please take the time to share your feedback on the following questions.  Your responses will be kept confidential.
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We only ask for your email address so that we can contact you directly should you need any follow up to any items in the survey.  You email address will not be disclosed to anyone outside of the survey team.

I have been a member of the Washington Park Camera Club for (select one option)

Less than 1 year

1 to 5 years

6 to 10 years

11 to 20 years

More than 20 years

I am currently not a member but I would like to join one day

I am currently not a member, I am not planning on joining the club but I wanted you to have my feedback anyway

I live this far from the Washington Park Field House (select one option)
You may use Google, Bing or Yahoo Maps to help determine how far you live from 5531 S King Drive, Chicago, IL 60637

0 to 1 mile

1 to 5 miles

5 to 10 miles

10 to 15 miles

15 to 20 miles

20 or more miles

I'd rather not say

For my level of photography expertise I would consider myself (select one option)

A Beginner Photographer (I'm just starting out)

An Intermediate Photographer (I know enough to be a little dangerous)

An Advanced Photographer (I know may way around a camera like an expert)

A Professional Photographer (I make 50% or more of my income from taking photos)

I enjoy the following areas of photography (select all that apply)




Family & Friends









Still Life

Street Photography


Whatever is in front of my camera

For my camera, I shoot with (select all that apply)

Point and Shoot

Digital SLR (DSLR)

Film SLR

Mobile Device (phone, tablet, etc)

Nothing, I'm exploring my options

I shoot with a DSLR (camera) and the following manufacturer make(s) my camera(s) (select all that apply)







I don't shoot with a DSLR Camera

I shoot with a Mobile Device and the following manufacturer(s) make(s) my device(s) is/are (select all that apply)

Android Phone/Tablet

Apple iPhone/iPad


Windows Phone/Tablet


I don't shoot with any mobile devices

For post production and editing I used the following applications/programs/software: (select all that apply)

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Apple Aperture

Google Picasa

DxO Optics

Affinity Photo

Microsoft Paint

Google SnapSeed (Mobile App)

I don't edit my photos! I'm good like that!


I have made a career out of or have a job related to photography (select all that apply)

and I work full time as a photographer

and I work as a photographer in addition to my full time job

and I teach photography full time

and I teach photography in addition to my full time job

and I teach classes in photo editing and manipulating software (example: Photoshop, Lightroom, various plug-ins, etc.) full time

and I teach classes in photo editing and manipulating software in addition to my full time job

is what I WOULD like to say, but unfortunately I don't have one


I own or offer the following (select all that apply)

My own photography business

A photography blog

A photography website

photographic workshops

printing services

other photography services

None of the above


The following topics and events I would like to see covered in the program for club meetings are (select all that apply)

Break-out Learning Groups

Camera Advanced

Camera Basics

Competition Preparation

Equipment Care & Protection

Guest Speakers


Mobile Photography

One-on-One or Small Group Mentoring

Photography - Architecture

Photo Critiques

Photo Outings & Tours

Photo Shoots

Photography - Creative

Photography - Event

Photography - Fashion

Photography - Landscape

Photography - Macro/Micro

Photography - Nature

Photography - Night & Low Light

Photography - Photojournalism

Photography - Portraits

Photography - Sport

Photography - Still Life

Photography - Street & Urban

Photography - Travel

Post-Editing Workflows

Shoot and Show/Show Your Stuff


I would like to learn more about (list any topics you would like to learn about)

I have the following feedback I would like to share Washington Park Camera Club