Award (AW): are judged to be the best of those images being judged. Honorable Mention (HM): are judged to be acceptable for recognition. The number of “Honors” is determined by the number of photos entered in each category.

A MINIMUM of no less than 20% of the total number of photo entered is required for each category/class of Honors. From this there must be 10% given as Awards and 10% as Honorable Mentions. The Chairperson is encouraged to round up rather than round down to promote and encourage participation as well as acknowledge those who have made the effort to enter their images. We try to choose an equal number of AW’s (the best) and HM’s (acceptable for Honors).

The number of entries does not always justify an equal number of Honors. For example, if there are only a total of 8 large monochrome, this number would suggest 1 AW and 1 HM, however, if the Judges scores reflect a close similarity of the images being judged and scored 23 for 3 images, 21 for 4 images, and 19 for 1 image. The Chairperson has the option or flexibility of awarding 1 AW and 2 HM’s rather than drop one of the 3 images that all scored 23. Awarding 2 AW and 2 HM’s is not justified because the number of entries required to give 4 Honors would be in the range of a minimum of 15 entries.

We try to be generous and appreciative of those images that are judged to be the best. We must also be careful at the same time not to encourage mediocrity by awarding Honors to images that were not judged to qualify for this distinction as reflected by the Judges scores.

NOTE: There is no designation for third place in our regular monthly competition, however, our Annual End Of Year Competitions award Honors to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each category/class.

[Courtesy of Kathleen Sims]

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