If the total number of photos needed for Honors can be arrived at from one top score grouping, the judging can proceed to the “IN” and “Out” system for an equal number of AW’s and HM’s. All images must be previewed before the judging begins. Each Judge will select “IN” for those photos he/she believes should receive an AW. All photos the Judge believes should receive an HM, he/she will select the “OUT” option. Those images receiving 3 “IN” do not repeat the “IN” – “Out” process and receives an AW. Exception: If there are more 3 “IN” images than needed to complete the total requested for Honors, all images go thru the “IN” – “OUT process until the appropriate number of images have been dropped from the AW designation down to an HM designation.

If the judges reach an impasse, the Chairperson may opt to change the selection to an uneven number so that the Honor received is reflected by the quality of the image as judged rather than holding firm to an arbitrary number. Example: If 6 Honors are requested, it may be more appropriate to change the designation to 4 AW’s and 2 HM’s rather than 3 AW’s and 3 HM’s.

On occasion it may be more prudent to increase the number of Honors by allowing one additional image to more accurately reflect the Judges scores, thus giving 7 Honors of 4 AW’s and 3 HM’s or possibly 3 AW’s and 4 HM’s.

NOTE: It is more appropriate to have the Judges use a stricter level of acceptance for an AW and drop an image to an HM rather than give an AW designation to an image he/she judged not up to the standard acceptable for such an Honor.

It is the responsibility of the Chairperson to assure that the proper distinction is made based on the initial scores of the Judges, therefore, a photo that receives a judged prior score of 25 should not be dropped to an HM while a photo receiving a 23 receives an AW. This guideline is intended to ensure that one judge is not made to feel he/she made an error because another Judge saw the image differently. One judge, one vote.

[Courtesy of Kathleen Sims]

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