Judging by anyone is subjective and varies with each. We must take into consideration their experience as a judge as well as their photographic expertise. We are all influenced by our personal likes and dislikes of a subject matter. (Aren’t all babies cute? Who likes a photo of a rat?) All judges are expected to judge the quality of the image/photo in front of them and not take into consideration how they have or would not have photographed the same subject. We all do our best to be fair. A judge’s score reflects his/her opinion. There is no right or wrong in photography. There are differences of opinion which is why we always use 3 judges.

NOTE: After the competition it’s “OK” to politely ask a judge why he/she scored an image the way they did or what they suggest to improve the image. Some judges may not be eager to discuss their opinion in a large group, however, they love talking photography. Pull one aside and pick his/her brain. They will be glad to help you. That’s why they volunteer to be a judge.

[Courtesy of Kathleen Sims]

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