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Carson, Paul

In October of 2004, Paul joined the membership of the club. He is an amatuer digital photographer who began with a Kodak Auto Retina with a Scheinder f3.5 fixed lens. Paul likes to shoot portraits and architecture photographs. His favorite photography experience was that of shooting the Cliffs at Gayhead on Martha’s Vineyard at sunset. Paul advises, “In addition to learning your camera, find at least one photographer with slightly more experience and [shoot] and learn together.” Having friends for short notice excursion has been an asset for him. He has also found Adobe TV and Adorama TV as valuable online resources. He continues, “…always have a camera with you.”

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Cobb, Harvey
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Harvey attributes the influence of his photography to a number of factors, including the photography of his father who used a Sears purchased 127-film camera he purchased in 1942 to fill his family’s home with hundreds of photographs. At age 5 his father taught Harvey how to use his camera. After 25 years with the USDA he retired and returned to his “first love” — Photography. Harvey currently teaches digital photography classes at Chicago State University. Upon hearing about the Washington Park Camera Club through his students Harvey visited and eventually joined the club after seeing the various program activities, the photographic skills and the overall friendliness of the members.

Lott, Fred

Fred joined Washington Park Camera Club back in 1970, but first started his photography back in 1949 while in the United States Army. He is an advanced amateur photographer who also serves as the club historian. Fred says, “Whatever you do, be yourself. Share your knowledge and photography.”

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Schwartz, Michael
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Mike joined the Club in November of 2011. His first photos were taken using his parent’s Brownie Camera at age nine. In college, Mike became more serious about photography and took a couple courses using the school’s large view cameras. In the late 1960s and early 70’s, his interest was rekindled using a Praktica SLR camera. After a long hiatus, a few years, ago Mike decided to be more serious about photography as a hobby.

“Companionship, shared interests, the technology of photography, and a way to express myself creatively are the reasons that I find photography such an engaging hobby. My favorite subjects are architecture, landscapes and the macro photography of nature. Having said that, probably my most enjoyable shooting experience was posing and photographing my one year old grandson for my daughter’s New Year greeting card. What can I say – he was adorable! The most valuable advice that I can give aspiring photographers is that, when possible, choose subjects that inspire you. When you shoot, don’t feel rushed and take your time to compose your shots. Go for quality not quantity.”

Thomas, Philip
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