Founded in 1955, the Washington Park Camera Club is the oldest, predominately African American camera club in the Chicago area and a member of the Chicago-Area Camera Club Association


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Washington Park Camera members meet Tuesday nights between during and between the months of September of one year and June of the next (dependent on weather and location availability). Starting time is usually around 7:00 PM at the Washington Park Field House (on 55th and Dr. MLK Drive) and meetings run anywhere from an hour to an hour-and-a-half. The club breaks for the summer but may have organized field trips to various locations during the off-period.


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Annual membership is $60 (for the full year). Our meeting agendas include club competitions for prints and digitally projected images, guest speakers, workshops, shoot-and-shows, and photo excursions. The club also participates in photographing select events for the Washington Park District as well as participating with a few local organizations. Members represent a wide range of experience and expertise and are always willing to share information with each other.

Special Announcement: 2014-2015 Club Year Starts September 2, 2014
The Welcome Back Club meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at the Washington Park Field House (Senior’s Room).  Click HERE for more information.

A Message from the President
September 2013

Welcome Back!

Welcome back members for another exciting year with the Washington Park Camera Club. I am extremely honored to serve as Club President for the next two years. Thank you all for the tremendous vote of confidence in electing me to lead the organization. We are very fortunate to have a dedicated and capable steering committee in place; with Jerlyn Maloy as vice president, Philip Thomas as secretary, Vanessa Thomas as treasurer and Paul Carson serving as financial director.

My hope is to build on the solid foundation already established for WPCC. We will have a focus on increasing our membership, both in size and diversity. We will offer many how to workshops to help build skills and expose members to a wide variety of photographic techniques. We will augment our photographic knowledge with sessions with fantastic speakers. There will be several photo field trips and member participative shoot and show events to showcase our members fine work.

Our relationship with the Washington Park Field House continues to flourish. We now enjoy the use of alternative meeting rooms to better fit our needs and look forward to establishing a greater presence in the Field house with both temporary and permanent displays of our members images. We will develop a digital print lab with the Washington Park Field House aiding in converting our existing dark room into a multi-functional print and instructional room.

A new relationship has been established this fall with the U. of Chicago Arts Incubator. We have enjoyed the use of this fantastic venue to welcome renowned speakers Terrance A. Reese and Charlie Thomas. We look forward to welcoming to this venue, award winning photojournalist Bob Black in the coming weeks.

Please look for upcoming announcements and invite friends, family and potential new members to our fantastic guest speaker series. Please join in my enthusiasm for the Washington Park Camera Club and have fun and camaraderie as we develop our photographic eye and skills. WPCC is *Where Great Minds Click*.

Below are the committees and chairs:

  • Print – Co-Chairs Artie Harris and Kathleen Sims
  • Digital Projected Images – Duane Savage
  • Historical – Fred Lott
  • Program – Leslie Howard
  • Equipment – Ken Mitchell
  • Communications – Philip Thomas
  • Fund Raising – Mike Schwartz
  • Hospitality – Gerri Tripp
  • Set-Up – Elbert Harris
  • MembershipTBD

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